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- Polypropylene yarn
Polypropylene yarn manufactured by AGRO-POLI Company is a reliable product of the highest quality, made with modern and constantly improved machines, and fulfilling the highest requirements of customers. To guarantee the maximum standard, raw materials are purchased only from reputable suppliers.pp yarn

The Company’s products meet technical standards of the European Union. The function tests confirm numerous advantages of polypropylene yarn:
- high resistance to breaking,
- wide choice of colours, depending on the customer’s needs,
- lightness in comparison to other synthetic fabrics,
- resistance to mould and harmful impact of water,
- easiness of further processing,
- high resistance to attrition,
- chemical resistance to acids’ and alkalis’ influence.

The following range of polypropylene yarn is produced:

- twisted yarn (from 35 to 600 twists per 1 m, depending on thickness),
- bound yearn (of medium, normal and high resistance),
- yarn of resistance exceeding 7.0 g/den, at the customer’s request,
- yarn of various thickness (from 300 den to 5000 den),
- standard stabilization: 100 kly (at the customer’s request: up to 300 kly),
- wide choice of colours (at the customer’s request).

Structure of a coil:
- weight: from 5 to 15 kg, depending on the type of yarn,
- outer diameter: from 220 to 400 mm,
- tube sizes: 75x85x300 mm, 110x125x300 mm, (55x65x290 mm for twisted yarn).

- in cartons (2 cartons on the euro pallet, weight: about 250 kg each),
- in PP sacks (30 sacks on the pallet, weight: about 20 kg each).

Polypropylene yarn is used in:
- textile industry,
- production of polypropylene strings,
- production of polypropylene ropes,
- production of all kinds of nets (fishing nets, sporting nets, safety nets),
- production of carpets and rugs,
- production of technical and decorative cloth,
- production of haberdashery.

Polypropylene multifilament yarn that we produce has the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX Certificate.

Color card:

- Polypropylene sacks

We manufacture polypropylene sacks in non-standard sizes. We also offer sacks with PE lining. The sizes and colours of sacks are suited to the customer’s non woven bagrequirements. Moreover, the Company produces sacks with two-coloured prints.

Thick-woven sacks serve as packaging for loose products (grain, flour, groats, sugar, feed and other).They have the standard sizes:
- 65 cm x 105 cm (50 kg)
- 60 cm x 105 cm (50 kg)
- 60 cm x 110 cm (50 kg)
- 50 cm x 85 cm (25 kg)
- 55 cm x 80 cm (25 kg)
- 40 cm x 60 cm (15 kg)

Polypropylene sacks are available in the following colours: white, yellow, and blue with red stripes.
The sacks are packed in batches of 1000 pieces each.

The sacks are approved to come into contact with food.

Our offer includes also anti-flood sacks. They are used to insulate or build dikes, providing effective protection against water.

Agricultural string

Agricultural string is made of the highest quality polypropylene.

All strings have UV stabilization as a standard.Agricultural string

The strings have the following qualities:

- high resistance to breaking;

- softness, making them easy to use;

- environmental friendliness;

- coiling without knots.

Polypropylene agricultural string is available in white and in other colours, at the customer’s request.

Polypropylene agricultural string is widely used, for example in:

- binders and low pressure press (700-1000 m/kg)

- presses baling straw, hay and green fodder (330-1000 m/kg)

- large-sized high pressure press (110-330 m/kg)

- hop industry as a support for sprouts

- other, e.g. for binding sacks (700-1000 m/kg), etc.


of a coil
of metres
per coil
to breaking
Number of
coils in a
1000 1000 2 2000 40 420
700 1400 2 1400 40 420
500 2000 4 2000 78 240
400 2500 4 1600 97 240
330 3000 4,8 1600 117 240
130 7700 9 1170 300 96
110 9090 9 990 354 96
Polypropylene strapping band and fastening accessories

Polypropylene strapping band is inexpensive, high quality packaging material which enables precise, aesthetic and secure packing and fastening of any materials and loads.
Polypropylene strapping band
PP strapping band is widely used, for example in:

- packing industry – for manual and automatic packing of loads and for palletizing,

- woodworking industry – for tying wood beams and packing wooden floors,

- furniture industry – for packing furniture elements,

- paving and stone-cutting industry – for packing pavement blocks, ceramic tiles and stone,

- paper industry – for tying paper sheets and cardboard,

- as raw material for production of mats,

- to secure loads during transport.

Standard parameters of PP strapping bands are:

width: 5 - 19 mm

number of meters per coil: 1200 - 7000 mb

Polypropylene strapping band is made in the following colours: transparent, white, black and in other colours at the customer’s request.

PP strapping bands are packed into cartons, one coil in each carton. Depending on the inner diameter of a coil, PP strapping bands are put on pallets: 44 pieces (diameter: 406 mm) or 54 pieces (diameter: 200 mm).

The offer includes also packing accessories and tools:

- metal clamps,

- wire clamps,

- protective corners,

- tools for fastening of bands.

Agricultural nonwoven fabric

Agricultural nonwoven fabric is used mainly to protect plants against:

- low temperature and slight frost, Agricultural nonwoven fabric

- excessive (too fast) humidity loss in soil,

- damage caused by hailstorm,

- damage caused by birds and insects etc.,

- soot and dust settling on plants in urban gardens.

Weight: 50g/m2

Available size:

- 1.6 x 10 m

Colours: white, black

Agricultural cloth

Agricultural cloth is an effective solution increasing production of fruit and vegetables in horticulture, fruit farming and agriculture. It perfectly removes weeds, without the need to use chemicals. The cloth maintains proper humidity of soil and mitigates temperature changes, which has a favourable influence on plant vegetation.
Agricultural cloth
Owing to UV stabilization, life-span of the cloth is extended to 5 years in the Polish climate.

To make work easier, the cloth has white stripes that help to lay out planting.


- increases crops,

- accelerates crop yielding,

- protects against weeds,

- improves phytosanitary conditions.

Weight: 90g/m2

Available size:

- 1.6 x 10 m

Colours: white, black

Haylage foil

Feed packed in this foil keeps its natural qualities for a long time.

Haylage foil guarantees proper ensilage and storage of haylage.

Haylage foil

The foil creates a protective layer against:

- influence of sunbeams

- influence of low temperature

- access of air

- influence of UV rays.

Weight: 22 kg

Thickness: 25 μm

Available sizes:

- 0.50 x 1800 m

- 0.75 x 1500 m

Colour: white

Net for rolling press

Net for rolling press is the latest product for packing crops. It has all the advantages of the

nets already well-known to our clients. This is a modern and hard-wearing product with Net for rolling press

optimized weight of the roll. This durable net is light enough for one person to put the roll in

the press with ease.


Main advantages of the net are:

- very efficient product, made of a special mix of materials

- UV addition

- guaranteed length of the net in a roll

- very high resistance to breaking (over 270 kg)

- Edge to Edge technology which guarantees full covering of a bale

- handles for carrying, helpful in loading

- a red stripe warning about the end of the roll

Weight: 19.5 kg

Width: 123 cm

Length: 2000 m

Colour: white


Tarpaulins are designed to cover and protect objects both indoors and outdoors.


The tarpaulin has a doubly reinforced edge with a polypropylene string. Along the edge of the

tarpaulin, every 100 cm, there are aluminium holes of 12 mm in diameter.

Weight: 70g/m2

Available in sizes:

- 3x5 m
- 4x6 m
- 5x6 m
- 5x8 m
- 6x10 m
- 10x15 m


Colour: blue, green

Stretch foil

Stretch foil is used mostly for palletizing, that is for manual wrapping up loads on a pallet,

significantly increasing the efficiency and comfort of work. Stretch foil

This is the cheapest, the fastest and the most comfortable way of immobilizing and securing a load,

and thus preparing it for safe transport or storage.

Our stretch foil has the following parameters:

- thickness: 0.023 mm

- width: 500 mm

- stretching: 150%

- weight: 3 kg net.

Collective package: 6 rolls

Amount on the euro pallet: 240 pieces

Shading net

Shading net is used in horticulture, plant nurseries and forestry. The net is made of polypropylene.

UV stabilization contributes to its durability. Shading net

Shading nets are used:

- to shade crops

- to protect against excessive sun exposure in greenhouses and plastic tunnels

- to gather seeds in forestry and agriculture

- as a protective material in sports facilities and swimming pools

- in tennis courts and paintball fields

Shading: 59%

Weight: 62g/m2

Available in sizes:

- 3 x 10 m

- 3 x 80 m

- 4 x 60 m

- 6 x 40 m

Colour: dark green